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Is the Sun Coming Out?

... During the month of May 2004 the American Geophysics Union met in Montreal and the topic discussed was the "Global Shading". This weird

phenomenon started to be recorded during the 60's and it consists in a diminishing of the solar radiation that affects the Earth crust with an average rhytm of 0.3% per year. Nowadays our planet receives about 15% less light that 50 years ago, which rebounds in the cycle of water, reducing evaporations and therefore raining.

... Among the different causes there are the following alternatives:
- Aproximation of a Black hole to the Solar System
- Existence of reflecting in suspension microparticles
- Climatic change and greenhouse effect
- Massive use of aerosols
- Increment of the cloudiness, etc.

February 2005

In Egypt the largest field of craters of meteorites in the world is discovered

A French-egyptian (CNRS-University of the Cairo) discored during the year 2004 the largest field of

craters of meteorites in the world ("astroblems") covering an area of 5000 Km2 in the tableland of Yilf Kebir. The phenomenon had happened 50 million years and the extense surface shows that the field of craters was caused by the fragmentation of several meteorites of a big size and not by the fragmentation of just one.
... The discovering started with the analysis of radar satellite images by the CERN, showed indices of astroblems in South East Egypt. Later an Earth mision proved in situ the positively, the geological detected structures corresponded to craters originated by a meteorites rain, an unprecedented phenomenon along the history of our planet.

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