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Garmin Rino 110 (Year 2003)
GPS With Radio Communication

* It allows the positioning and the communication
* Communication distance up to 3 kilometers using the FRS spectrum
* Global positioning of the user up to 12 channels and 15 metres of accuracy
* Global positioning of the partner inside a radio of 3 kilometres
* Data base with location of all the cities in the world, including lighthouses of the Chilean coast

July 2003

The Geoid has Changed
Since 1970, the scientists have been monitoring the changes in the distribution of mass in our planet in order to define accurately the orbit disturbances of the thousands of artificial satellites surrounding. Up to a few years ago happened what all the world knows: the Earth's mass flows to the poles. But in August 2002 the researches of Raytheon Corporation (headed by Christopher Cox) discovered an anomalous prominence of mass in the Ecuadorean zone what resulted in an increment of the gravity in the Ecuador and a decrease of this in the Poles (despite g(Ecuador) < g(Poles)). This fact alters the flow of the oceans, the speed of the Earth's rotation, the exactness of the atomic clock and the gravimetric models.

New Models of GPS (2001-02)



Navi GPS II: Watch and GPS by Casio. It includes the recording of 200 positions, position and speed screens, height charts, graphic navigation, chronograph, etc.

GPS E-Trex: This model by Summit combines GPS, altimeter and compass. Water resistant and anti-shock casing, ideal for "extreme" activities.

GPS 126 (Garmin)


The Carlo de Gavardo model, with a big screen which is special for motorcyclists who need to see the position without moving the hands from the handlebars. Model by Garmin that gives information with an interface of voice to make the driver not to drivest attention from the road.


With information of the cities in America and the main and secondary highways in Chile. It shows airports, motorways, lodgings, restaurants and petrol pumps. Also, a trajectory can be programmed and with this calculate the spending of gas
Simultaneous measuring channels 12 satellites

Warm start

15 s

Cold start

45 s

Time of start

300 s


± 18 m RMS

Energy consumption

1 W


14.6x5.1x3.4 cm3


269 grams (without batteries)

Map Data


Power source 4 AA bateries (1.5 V)
Batteries duration 20 hours
Working conditions temperture -15C a +70C
Including a data base with the street plans of any city with more than 30 thousands inhabitants in the American continent

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* GPS Topography
* Top Eye

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