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* A Wolfram Notebook on Earthquakes
* Wolfram Alfa y Ciencias de la Tierra
* Validation of Earthquakes Pred Syst
* Deep Learning and aftershocks
* SubMachine & Earth's deep interior
* Earthq Prediction in Japan
* Earthquake Predictability
* Smartphones and earthquakes
* Book on Universitary Geophysics
* Chilean Seismic Regionalization
* E-Curso
* Encuesta sobre Sismología

Geophysics and the Prospecting Methods

Geophysics is the science that studies the physical phenomena produced in our planet. Among these stand out the electromagnetism, the mechanical waves propagation in the earth's crust and the gravity. This science may be defined as the application of physics and geology to the study of the materials that compose the earth's crust and the force field that arises of it and exerts its influence to the outside.
Inside of applied Geophysics are relevant the Geophysical prospectings and explorations through which this science investigates and defines particular geological formation and /or mineralized rocks with practical interest, suitable to the industrial exploitation.
The field to study in the prospection corresponds to the effects produced by the rocks and metallic minerals in anomalous areas (detoured of the background), among these stand out: the gravitatory attraction force, the radioactive desintegration, the spontaneous electric current, the electrical resistency of the ground, the speed of the seismic waves, etc.

IGY (1958): The Internacional Geophysics Year | 2005- International Year of Physics (IYP)