Papers- April, 2020.
Adapted by Jorge Reyes -Information taken from WolframAlpha.
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Wolfram Alpha
A Wolfram Notebook on Earthquakes


* To get an overview of all the functionalities available in the Wolfram language and that are related to Earth Sciences, visit Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center.
* You can find dozens of detailed examples on various functions, such as EarthquakeData, GeoGraphics, GeogravityModelData and FormulaData.

* By means EarthquakeData, the Wolfram Language provides the most current data on earthquakes in the world, thus making the information easily available for analysis and examination.
* Don't forget that to execute the instruction, you must press Shift + Intro.

Ex 1:Find the entity keys of all registered earthquakes of magnitude -1 to 10 within a radius of 100 km around Talca city and store this list in xx:

(List generated according to the Wolfram Alpha Database).

Ex 2: Find when each of the earthquakes in list xx occurred:

Ex 3: Position on the map the earthquakes labeled from 80 to 90 in list xx, with the earthquake icon:

Ex 4 : Obtain earthquakes of magnitude greater than 6.0, occurred within a radius of 100 km around Talca city:

Ex 5 : Reduce the search to 50 km around Talca city:

Ex 6 : Present earthquakes within a radius of 50 km around Talca and with a magnitude between 7.0 and 8.0:

Ex 7 : Present the epicenters of earthquakes occurring within a 300 km radius around Talca city:


Ex 8 : Present the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes:

For the "Volcanoes" class of the Pacific Ring of Fire have been used: EntityClass["Volcano","RingOfFire"]